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An Update from the Kemp Family in Texas

Well Dusty arrived! At first I was a little worried he would just be too much pony for what I needed for right now. He tried pulling me around a bit, not anything mean or bad but just walked through the halter enough to where I had to jerk on the halter to get his attention. It worried me because that would be too much for the 2yr old little girls if they were holding on to him. OHHHHH then I brought out Sierra. It was weird the pony totally changed into this dead head thing. Wouldn’t barely walk I mean he was awesome. It just reminded me of my pony, when my older brother would ride her she was a freak and pretty much wanted him off. But when I was on she knew she was to baby sit. and that is dusty.

The pictures will tell the rest……Thank you!

I have already referred some people to you….

~E. Kemp”