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The Cougentakas Family in New York


Thank you a hundred times! I don’t know where to begin!! First off I’d like to say that I am an extremely nervous rider. After being bucked, trampled and thrown off of other horses, I never thought I’d be able to trust a horse again! That was until you and Kingston came along!!! Your videos were completely accurate! If there is such a thing as a bomb-proof horse – Kingston is it! Skeptical at first, but after spending just my first day with him, we fell in love!!! Kingston is my go-to man! He rides English for me, and he is such a sweet loving boy. I’m surprised you didn’t name him ‘Puppy’!!! He follows me everywhere and he is now teaching me how to ride Western! He has great manners and loves on me all day long! I also want to thank you for helping me through the process of getting Kingston in, since I am in NY!!! He is sweet to the other horses and he is just perfect! Thank you so much Alicia, I can’t wait to continue spending everyday with my new boy! We truly are a perfect match!

With serious recommendations and love,

N. Cougentakas