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An Update from The Maccarella Family in New Jersey

My Son Ronnie is the 2009 Central Pennsylvania Youth Rodeo Calf Roping Champion in the 10-13 age groups and the 2009 Team Roping Champion on the heading side in the 10-13 age group. Now that Ronnie is 14 he has to move into the 14-18 age group, much harder and very competitive, all of a sudden the nice quiet gentle older horse that I have been so comfortable watching him ride and compete on is no longer ENOUGH horse. A mother’s nightmare! Ronnie’s idea of his next horse, Fast, has to have a great stop, and an awesome backup. The horse has to know how to calf rope, team rope and breakaway rope. My idea of his next horse, Quiet in the box, leaves easy, loads and unloads, ties overnight, gets along with other horses, no bad habits, and settles down immediately after a run. Oh ya sane and sound too! Not too much to ask for from 1 horse right? RIGHT if you deal with Alisha of Diamond J Equestrian, she was able to fill that ticket completely and then some. She sent us Rey O’ Bee a 13 year old Ranch used brown gelding. He is gorgeous, sound, sane, kind, smart, fast and extremely athletic. Not to mention he came with a guarantee as does all of her horses. From the moment Rey arrived in New Jersey and stepped off the trailer there was an instant bond between him and Ronnie. Every day their bond gets stronger and their performance level gets higher, a dream come true. Alisha is extremely knowledgeable, very reliable, kind, sweet and most important of all HONEST! We have since bought another horse from Diamond J Equestrian, for trail riding. We needed it to be family safe, not spooky and kid friendly. That is exactly what this beautiful 9 year old Palomino Gelding named Jordan is, exactly as Alisha said he would be! I cannot thank Richard and Alisha Jacuzzi enough for being so kind and understanding. Rey takes excellent care of Ronnie and from a mother’s point of view that is priceless. If you are considering a horse for yourself, a pony for your child or a family companion, please give Diamond J Equestrian a chance to prove that there still are honest good people left in the “Horse World” after all.

Ps My girlfriend has a two year old little girl and I am very excited she has just purchased a pony from Diamond J Equestrian named Molly Pickles, how cute is that, we can not wait to meet her!! I am sure she is everything Alisha says she is and more!