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An Update on Billy & DeeDee in New Jersey

Hi Alisha,

I am sorry this email has been so long coming but we have been extremely busy with our new babies.:)  Thank you so much, Alisha, for helping us to find such wonderful horses.  Billy and Dee Dee are everything we had hoped for in horses.  You did a fantastic job with training them and we are so happy to find that they are everything you said they would be.  Our kids and friends have enjoyed them so much and they have been safe and fun!  They are in wonderful condition, have beautiful temperaments, and are fun to ride.  My friend Carrie is so impressed with them and with you, she said she is recommending you to everyone she knows is looking for a horse.  Thank you also for being so wonderful to work with.  Your help after we got them was amazing.  I have attached a few pictures of my kids riding.  May God bless you and your family.

Thank you,

The Thomson Family