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SSS Aces Smokin Joker aka “Reese”

Description Take a look at this Breyer-like golden palomino that has the prettiest head, big soft eye and stands 15 hands. Reese rides as good as he looks! He has smooth gaits extremely comfortable to sit, including his jog. Our niece loves loping him around bareback with no hands! Reese has been doing ranch work his whole life with one owner. He's done all aspects, from roping, doctoring cows, to pasture roping...Reese can do it all! Reese takes everything in stride. He has a calm demeanor and new things don’t bother him. He’s good with farm equipment, busy traffic, crazy dogs, heavy machinery, and blowing tarps. Reese is fun on the trails and has no spook to him and will take care of his rider. He is very sure footed and great in the rocky and rough terrain. He will lead a group or follow behind just enjoying the ride. Reese is the same each time you saddle him with no tricks our complicated buttons to him. Just jump on and go, saddled or bareback, he’s always gentle. He’s super easy to catch and will greet you at the gate. He enjoys the attention and love given to him. This is super cute gelding that anyone will be proud to own. Reese has the build, color, bloodlines, ability and mind to go any direction you choose. Thank you for your interest in our horses! We look forward to the opportunity to…
Richard Jacuzzi
January 23, 2022

Exquisite Cruiser

Description Cruiser is a big, fancy, palomino gelding that is absolutely stunning! He is a huge, classic gelding with tons of training and miles! Cruiser has been exposed on trail obstacle challenges and could be great in those competitions. He's a beautiful smooth mover something he undoubtedly gets from his great pedigree which includes Zippo Pine Bar one of the greatest pleasure sires of all time. He has also been used out on the ranch and is super solid outside working. He is the kind of horse for any job! He’s a super star on the trails and great in town! He is comfortable and easy to be around. He is quiet, has great stop, circles, works a gate. Cruiser has great ground manners, good around others in the barn, pasture, riding in a group, and standing tied. He is easy to catch, lead, load, haul, bathe, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, great for the vet and farrier, and stands for mount and dismount. Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
November 16, 2021

King Of Tinseltown aka “Tangle”

Description Tangle is absolutely the most beautiful gelding with a stout bulldog build, amazing color, and a long flowing blonde mane and tail to do for. Tangle's royal pedigree is impeccable and he portrays the good characteristics of his sire, Hollywoodstinseltown. He's out of a Shining Spark mare on the bottom so his breeding is impeccable. Tangle rides as good as he looks and is extremely versatile. He does everything! From reining, ranch work, cow work or just a fun, safe ride out on the trails this will be one that you will enjoy each and every ride. Always gentle, honest and easy going even with time off. Saddle him up and go enjoy! Tangle has been shown in the NRHA Reining. Tangle easily performs all the reining maneuvers with long sliding stops, snappy spins and easy lead changes. He would be fun to show in the Ranch Riding and Versatility events too. He has a super smooth jog and rocking chair lope. He has been ridden all over our ranch as well as many miles out on the trails. He's confident alone out on the trails and will go right where you point him. He is very sure footed and has a good outside walk. Tangle is a very people friendly horse that loves any kind of attention making him super fun and easy to have around the barn. If you want to go show, pleasure ride, or both,…
Richard Jacuzzi
September 13, 2021

Whizshin aka “Wishin”

Description Sired by Walla Walla Whiz and out of a daughter of Shining Spark, Wishin is royally bred. He does everything! From reining, ranch work, cow work or just a fun, safe ride out on the trails this will be one that you will enjoy each and every ride. He's a great all around horse with size, color and a great disposition! Wishin has unique chocolatey palomino color with a stunning silver mane and tail. He can stop big, turn fast and has super easy lead changes. He has one of the biggest personalities in the barn and demands everyone's attention! He has a ton of direction and goes where you point him. He has been roped on in the pasture and out of the box. We took him on a trip to the Buffalo River and he acted like he had seen it 1000 times and went right through the rapids with kayakers and canoes going by! He will make someone an incredible lifelong partner. He has enough size, talent and great mind to go any direction Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
April 29, 2021

Mr Trifecta aka “Little Star”

Description Look no further if you are wanting that "once in a lifetime" kind of gelding! Little Star will definitely check all the boxes! He's a golden palomino and an own son of leading sire, Arc Gunnabeabigstar! This gorgeous gelding is as pretty as a picture, conformationally balanced and correct. His soft, kind eye will steal your heart and his sweet and loving personality is second to none. He is extremely versatile and well rounded. Little Star was shown in the futurity events and did great! Such a talented and proven gelding that does it all! He does all reining maneuvers easily, with effortless lead changes, correct spins and deep sliding stops. He guides easily and is very simple to pilot. He will really shine in the Ranch Riding & Versatility events too. Little Star is safe and sane for any level of rider. He is very smooth and comfortable to ride with a naturally low head set. He remains extremely gentle even with time off. He is one that you can saddle up and go enjoy without hesitation. There is no silly stuff to him and he remains the same every ride. Little Star will meet you at the gate and is always easy and eager to come in the barn. He is a very willing partner that aims to please. Little Star is a phenomenal gelding with all the bells and whistles! Don't miss this opportunity to own…
Richard Jacuzzi
May 26, 2021

Sonny Peppy Frost

Description Tall, Blonde, and Handsome! Sonny will make everyone take a second look! Sonny is a very versatile and well rounded gelding. He has earned his keep working on a ranch doing everything from roping bulls, and checking fences to doctoring and branding calves. Sonny is an elegant and very pretty mover. Sonny has been ridden all over on trails and nothing bothers him. We've worked him with flags, tarps, drones, atvs, through the water and he's taken everything with ease and handled it like a pro. He will go right where you point him without hesitation. He is always gentle and so kind. He is a big, gorgeous  boy with a very correct build, balance, and substantial bone and foot to last a lifetime. Sonny has been roped on in the arena and out in the pasture. We have ridden and used Sonny all over the ranch! He is a deluxe ranch Horse and handles all the ranch chores and tasks with ease. He will make a long day’s work more fun and easy. Super safe for any level of rider and always saddles up gentle even with long periods of time off. He’s the same ride each time and has zero issues or holes. This is an honest, sweet gelding that will make you enjoy going to the barn everyday! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
June 19, 2021

Shining Montana

Description Hello Gorgeous! Montana is a super classy, talented and highly skilled own daughter of NRHA million dollar sire, Shiners Voodoo Dr! Her gentle, kind and eager to please disposition make her first class in our books! She is fun to ride and a total sweetheart! Montana is very balanced and well put together. This elegant moving mare has a ton of presence in the arena with her golden palomino color and her gorgeous blonde mane and tail, level top line and naturally low head set. Montana has a solid reining foundation and knows all the maneuvers. Montana has a one hand neck rein, smooth, slow lope and a comfy jog. She has great spins, and a great stop. She is naturally made for the reining, ranch riding and Versatility Classes. She has the cadence, looks and the mindset to take you all the way. Montana excels outside the arena as well. She’s very quiet and calm on the trails and has been exposed to all kinds of activity. Loud gunfire, busy highways, blowing tarps, crazy dogs, pigs, atvs and she's even been in parades. You name it, she has probably seen it. Montana is a superb partner on the ranch and knows what a wet saddle pad is all about. Whether you are in the show pen or on the trail she will always make you look good, no matter your task at hand. Montana will meet you in…
Richard Jacuzzi
May 28, 2021

Sparkling Sugar Chex aka “Lincoln”

Description Lincoln is a very special palomino gelding that has extensive training under his belt. He was started in reining training and it absolutely shines through in the arena with him. One of the best features of this gelding is the time we have spent with him on the ranch, riding him outside on the trails. He has a lot of potential and could go in several directions including Reining, and Ranch Riding. Ranch Riding is an up and coming event and he would make a great partner to start with! He has a very light touch to rein him around and a nice big stop. He is a horse that you can really tune and practice your riding on to make yourself a better rider. He has all the buttons and isn’t afraid to use them when asked. Lincoln is very smooth and slow. He passed our program which includes dogs, turkeys, the water, walk-trot-lope with the flag, tarp, trails, the big ball (Lincolns favorite), drone, and atv. He also has some big names on his papers including Nu Chex To Cash, Shining Spark, and even Smart Chic Olena. Nu Chex to Cash is an NRHA Hall of Famer and also a 3-million-dollar sire. He won a record amount of money in the show pen. Shining Spark is another huge name because he is the NRHA’s youngest 2-million-dollar sire. Smart Chic Olena is in the NRHA hall of fame…
Richard Jacuzzi
March 22, 2021

Ima Flip N Dun It aka “Sundance”

Description Sundance is an own son of Dun It With A Twist X Hollywood Dun It out of an NRHA money earner Flips Pale Face. Sundance is the kind of horse that you will look long and hard to find another one like. He is the most kind and gentle guy! Super smooth to ride with all the buttons that you would ever want but easy going and forgiving for any beginner to learn to ride on. He is soft and supple in every part of his body, lopes out of his tracks with a rocking chair stride that makes him easy to ride for anyone. Out on the trail he is a solid as they come. He always carries his head level and is happy to go anywhere you want him to. He has the size and conformation that a quarter horse should have with a keen head, nice shoulder, deep cinch and round hip. Sundance has that reining foundation that makes him a perfect ranch horse and he knows how to carry himself with a nice ground traveling gate. He is beginner safe in all aspects of riding and ranch work, as well as in the show pen. He would be a great 4-H horse for any level rider. Anna is 10 years old and rides Sundance anywhere in a halter and bareback. Sundance has also been successfully shown in reining and ranch riding. Don’t pass up this…
Richard Jacuzzi
December 29, 2020

Scotts Peppy Scotch

Description Scotch is an amazing, drop dead gorgeous, golden palomino with a flaxen mane and tail! He's young but already has extensive experience out on the trails all over the midwest. He's got a great one hand neck rein and is gentle for any level rider. He has experience around cattle, has been out in traffic, and nothing bothers this guy from tarps to flags, atvs and more. He's experienced doing all aspects of ranch work and shown in some pleasure shows. He loves attention and has a great personality and disposition! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
October 22, 2020

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