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PLEASE NOTE: All prices include Shipping and our 30-Day Guarantee. Our horses and ponies generally sell VERY quickly so if you find a horse you are seriously interested in, we encourage you to call Alisha at 501-240-4889. We are happy to hold a horse with a small non-refundable security deposit, otherwise we do not hold horses under any circumstance. If you are looking for a specific horse or pony for your family, please fill out a New Customer Questionnaire.

Sold To California !!!

2012, 13.3h, Black  Quarter Horse  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Shadow is a super cute once-in-a-lifetime type of gelding! At just under 14 hands, he's the perfect size for a youth or small adult. He neck reins great and is experienced working cows and has been team sorted on. He's also started roping and is a a...

Sold To Washington!!!

2010, 9.1h, Black  Pony  Gelding
Price: $6,000

Description Panda is as cute as a little button! He has a cute little personality and loves attention. The kids will love spending hours and hours with him! He has great ground manners, rides great, and gets along with everyone. He’s been used at a children’s camp and...

Sold To New Mexico!!!

2014, 11.3h, Black & White  Pony  Gelding
Price: $7,500

Description Sparky is a fantastic little pony. He's been trained on an Amish farm and used for bringing in milk cows and doing all the chores around the farm. He not only rides great, but he drives too! He's been ridden to school, so he's been out in the traffic and...

Sold To Montana!!!

2012, 10.2h, Brown & White  Pony  Gelding
Price: $7,000

Description Smokey is a super cute, Amish trained pony, with a unique dappled brown and white color. He's extremely friendly and gentle and loves attention. He's a great lead line pony that rides really amazing. The kids had been riding him to school this past year so...

Sold To New Mexico!!!

2011, 9.3h, Red Roan  Pony  Gelding
Price: $6,500

Description Cajun is one of the coolest ponies we've ever had! He's one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet, he comes right up whenever you walk out to the pasture. He's been on overnight camping trips and does great on picket lines. There's not much this little...

Sold To Texas!!!

2015, 12h, Bay Appaloosa  Pony  Gelding
Price: $10,000

Description Denver gives new meaning to the phrase "once-in-a-lifetime"! They really broke the mold after him. NOTHING bothers this guy, he acts and rides like a big horse. He's an absolutely beautiful mover that could thrive in any discipline, either western or...

Sold To Colorado!!!

2011, 13h, Bay Appaloosa  Pony  Mare
Price: $10,000

Description GiGi is as cute as they come! She has amazing conformation, beautiful gaits, and a sweet personality. She was trained by the amish and has been ridden and driven to school and is traffic safe. GiGi is POA eligible and could easily transition into a fancy...

Sold To Colorado!!!

2010, 13.3h, Buckskin Tobiano  APHA  Mare
Price: $10,000

Description Mattie is a cute, cute, flashy little mare! She’s APHA registered and eligible for all of their shows. She is super friendly, loves attention, and is laid back. She’s the perfect size for kids and small adults. She’s been ridden all over out on the trails...

Sold To Maryland!!!

2004, 13.2h, Brown & White  POA  Gelding
Price: $10,000

Description Dragon is one AMAZING pony! He's been Anna's personal barrel and pole pony for the past two years. He's done all of the rodeo and playday events. He has the patience of Jobe, you will not find a better pony anywhere. Our nephew has also learned to ride on...

Sold To Texas!!!

2009, 12h, Sorrel  POA  Gelding
Price: $8,500

Description Scout is one special little guy! The kids love him, and he loves them! He rides around great, isn’t spooky at all. You can take him on the trails, to the rodeos, or just riding around the farm. He has smooth, steady gaits and is perfect for kids to learn...

Sold To California!!!

2011, 10.3h, Bay  Pony  Gelding
Price: $7,500

Description Harley is the absolute BEST pony!!! We always tell parents horses are not babysitters, but if they were Harley would be the perfect candidate. He loves attention, always meets you at the gate, has tons of patience, and rides great! You can do anything on...

Sold To Texas!!!

2009, 14h, Buckskin  Quarter Horse  Gelding
Price: $10,000

Description Dante is as cute as a button!! Wide bodied, and the perfect height for the whole family to enjoy. He not only rides great, but he drives too. He has a precious personality and his buttermilk buckskin color is absolutely stunning, his pictures don’t really...

Sold To Illinois!!!

2009, 14h, Bay  Quarter Horse  Gelding
Price: $12,000

Description Stone is great out on the trails! He hasn’t been phased by anything we’ve shown him. Tarps, flags, dogs, atvs, he hasn’t taken a second look at anything and nothing seems to spook him. He gets along great out with other horses and comes right up in the...

Sold To Mississippi!!!

2011, 9h, Palomino & White Pinto  Pony  Gelding
Price: $5,000

Description Chiquita is a flashy little fella with a long, gorgeous mane! He’s a solid pony that has been taking care of kids in camps regularly. He’s been ridden around the barrels and poles and is willing to do whatever is asked of him. He’s quiet on the ground and...

Sold To Florida!!!

2008, 10.2h, Chocolate Palomino  Pony  Gelding
Price: $5,000

Description Mocha is a precious pony with a gorgeous flaxen mane and tail! He’s the perfect size for small kids to learn about the responsibilities of owning a horse. Not only does he ride great, but he drives too. The kids will love his cute personality and the...

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