Diamond J, LLC is a BBB Accredited Horse Dealer in Alexander, AR

PLEASE NOTE: All prices include Shipping to the continental US or an export layover facility for international customers.  We also offer an industry leading 30-Day Guarantee. Our horses are also thoroughly vetted with radiographs included. Our horses and ponies generally sell VERY fast so if you find a horse you are seriously interested in, we encourage you to act quickly. We hate when people call disappointed about missing out on a particular horse! We are happy to hold a horse with a 10% or $2,500(whichever is smaller) non-refundable, completely transferrable, non-expiring security deposit to allow time for travel if you plan on coming in, otherwise we do not hold horses under any circumstances. If you are ready to find the Horse Of YOUR Dreams, please fill out our New Customer Questionnaire.

Sold To Texas!!!

2011, 11h, Black and White  Pony  Gelding
Price: $6,000

Description Snoopy is a wonderful pony! Rides great, and has an amazing, playful personality. He has great manners and is very respectful of his rider. He rides great in the arena and outside. He hasn’t taken a second look at any of the things we’ve shown him. He...

Sold To Maryland!!!

2007, 11.2h, Sorrel and White  Pony  Gelding
Price: $6,500

Description Tucker is a sweet, gentle, perfect first pony! He meets you at the gate, and loves people and attention. The kids can brush all over him and really learn how to take care of a horse. He rides great and has a laid back attitude. He’s great with other horses...

Sold To Colorado!!!

2008, 14.1h, Liver Chestnut  POA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Franklin is one of the neatest horses we’ve had lately. He the perfect size, small enough for the kids, and big enough for most adults. He rides both English and Western, has show experience in both, and has a very fancy presence about him and will put you...

Sold To New Mexico!!!

2011, 9.2h, Buckskin Tobiano  Pony  Gelding
Price: $6,500

Description Mickey is one of the sweetest ponies we’ve ever had! He will literally follow you anywhere you go, he LOVES attention! He is super gentle and is the perfect pony for kids to learn all about horses and good horsemanship skills while saying as safe as...

Sold To South Dakota!!!

2005, 13.2h, Chocolate Palomino  Haflinger  Gelding
Price: $12,000

Description Peyton reminds us of an infomercial… the one’s where you think it couldn’t get any better, but then it always does… this horse is amazing! Every single challenge we’ve put in front of him, he not only faces with absolute determination and confidence, but...

Sold To Texas!!!

2010, 10.3h, Sorrel and White  Pony  Gelding
Price: $6,500

Description Paddington is the perfect first pony! He’s a great size and age and can grown with a child for years! He has a nice quiet disposition and loves attention. Thank you for your interest in our horses!  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We...

Sold To Texas!!!

2008, 13.1h, Black and White  Pony  Gelding
Price: $7,500

Description Rocky is the ultimate all-around pony! You can use him to sort and gather cattle, he’s great on the trails, you can even haul him to playdays. He has a really smooth lope that makes even the most timid riders feel comfortable. But the best thing about him...

Sold To Illinois!!!

2003, 13.2h, Buckskin  Pony  Mare
Price: $8,500

Description Jill is the perfect all-around, all-american pony! She’s done it all, and is a great junior rodeo or playday pony. She’ll slow down and take care of the smaller kids, but will step it up for the older kids. She has a great disposition and no “mareish”...

Sold To Texas!!!

2010, 9.2h, Sorrel and White  Pony  Mare
Price: $5,000

Description Daisy is a PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS pony!! She absolutely LOVES attention, and is happiest when she’s with people. She rides great, and you can trust her with beginners. She’s great with other horses and not spooky of anything. She is PERFECT for small kids to...

Sold To Wyoming!!!

2011, 10.2h, Black and White  Pony  Mare
Price: $5,000

Description Candy is an absolutely precious pony! She’s always the first one to meet you at the gate, and loves attention. She was raised by an Amish family and rides and drives the very best. She’s not spooky of anything, will do anything you ask of her, and will...

Sold To Alabama!!!

2008, 13.3h, Bay  POA  Gelding
Price: $8,500

Description Chai is the one of the most versatile and athletic ponies we’ve ever had, which makes him a dream-come-true for parents with children who want to try a wide variety of disciplines and do well in all of them! He can go for a trail ride through the mountains...

Sold To California!!!

2010, 10h, Black and White  Pony  Mare
Price: $5,000

Description Thank you for your interest in our horses!  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We have helped literally hundreds of people in the past find the horse of their dreams, and we know we can help you find that perfect horse or pony for your...

Sold To California!!!

2008, 9h, Chestnut  Pony  Gelding
Price: $5,000

Description Dandy is a special little pony that will absolutely take care of your little ones. Whether they need something to ride around at your rodeos and events or just around the farm, Dandy can do it! Not only does he ride great, but he also has been used as a...

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