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Junie B

Description Junie is an absolutely phenomenal pony with immense experience. She is cute as can be, but her skills go far beyond her good looks. This little mare could carry a small adult, or any sized child. She was a working pony and was good at her jobs and loved to help around the ranch she lived at. Junie has a huge list of experiences including but not limited to doctoring cattle, roping, mounted shooting, loading in the back of a pickup truck, laying with dogs on top of her, laying while arrows and guns are being shot beside her, carrying the flag, heeling calves, and helping herd cattle. She has seen trails, dogs, atv, walk-trot-lope with the flag, the water, turkeys, tricks, riding doublethe tarp, and the drone. Nothing phases this pony and she is an absolute dream to ride. She is extremely willing, with an excellent temperament and manners. She will stand tied all day, load in a trailer (or the back of a truck), bathes, gets along with others very well. This is one of the best ponies we’ve had come through, if not the best. This is a solid, sure footed pony that will take you anywhere, to do anything. Junie B would take care of your children, or you. She is the type of pony that gives you peace of mind to ride, or to watch your children ride. Mount from the saddle, or lay…
Richard Jacuzzi
December 29, 2020


Description Calypso gives new meaning to the phrase “once-in-a-lifetime”! They really broke the mold after him. NOTHING bothers this guy, he acts and rides like a big horse. He’s an absolutely beautiful mover that could thrive in any discipline, either western or english. We say often that some horses are just born that way. Calypso is a perfect example, he’s only four years old, but acts and rides like a 12 year old. Whether they’re galloping through the pasture carrying a flag or doing work on the farm, Calypso will be your child’s best friend! He is one of the most amazing ponies we’ve ever had the privilege of owning! Saddle him up or hop on him bareback he rides great anyway. He’s as quiet as a mouse on the ground, great with his feet, saddling, bridling, everything. I your looking for a pony that will give your kids and grandkids a lifetime of memories, Calypso is your guy! Thank you for your interest in our horses! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We have helped literally hundreds of people in the past find the horse of their dreams, and we know we can help you find that perfect horse or pony for your needs. We get many inquiries about horses. Horses will not be held under any circumstances and are available on a first come first serve basis. If you would like more information about…
Richard Jacuzzi
July 26, 2022