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Consistently better horses backed by pedigree, training, and a world-class experience

Turnkey training with every horse

Rigorous training fit for any rider

Every horse and pony that comes to the ranch is evaluated for safety and temperament by working through our rigorous and proven desensitizing program where we expose them to tarps, flags, atv’s, on the road in traffic, water, loading & unloading, arena and round pen work, bareback, clippers, cross ties, dogs, farm animals and much more. We try and cover anything the horse might see in a busy family and barn setting. Many of our horses have a very solid foundation of ranch and trail work before they come to us and effortlessly breeze right through the program. Others may require more training, but until we are so confident in a horse that we trust them with our own children, that horse is not available for purchase. Seldom will we get a horse that does not meet our high standards of a “family-safe horse” and those horses are given away to knowledgeable trainer apprentices.

From our ranch to any destination

Our horses currently reside in 44 of the 48 Continental United States and Hawaii, Canada, the UK, South America and Persia.

We’re based in Arkansas, which is admittedly not the “horsiest” part of the country, so we offer FREE SHIPPING to almost anywhere in the Continental United States. Approximately 5% of our customers are in Arkansas and 95% of our are located in California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Georgia, New York and other parts of the country. Our horses are in such high demand; we’ve even exported several horses over seas to the UK, South America and Persia and quite a few of our horses are now in beautiful parts of Canada. To help our International customers with shipping costs, we have a built-in shipping allowance to cover the fees to get them to an equine air transporter or to the Canadian border, but rest assured your shipping within the United States should be fully covered within our built-in allowance.

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Places Our Horses Have Been Sold To
Welcoming. Personalized. Guaranteed.

Discover a better buying experience

On-site visits welcomed

There is always an open invitation to get up close an personal with our horses to add to buyer peace of mind.

30-day guarantee

Purchase with confidence. We work to ensure that every client is fully satisfied with their horse(s).

Tailored virtual material

Get a more personalized look at a particular horse through custom videos, photos, and more.

We invite anyone, from any corner of the earth to drive or fly in to visit the ranch and meet our horses in person before making your purchase, but very few of our customers actually do which is why we provide such extensive videos, photographs and an abundance of references upon request. Generally, we have an incredible knack for knowing when a horse and person are a perfect match, but if for ANY reason you are not 100% in love with your new horse or pony, we offer an unheard of 30-DAY GUARANTEE period and are happy to exchange your horse of pony if you are not completely satisfied.

Need help finding your ideal horse?

Maybe you didn’t see what you were looking for or need help selecting the right horse to match meet needs. Either way, we are here to help! Feel free to complete our New Customer Questionnaire or simply contact us through our form.

New Customer Questionnaire

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