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Sold To Virginia!!!

2017, 14.3h, Black Tobiano  Gypsy Vanner  Gelding
Price: $60,000

Description We're so excited to offer Caspian! He's definitely one of our highlights in the barn. Caspian has a wonderful disposition, we've had riders of all levels on him, he's been great in the arena as well as hauled to different parks and trails. We've taken him...

Sold To Colorado!!!

2017, 14.2h, Sorrel Spotted  Gypsy Vanner  Gelding
Price: $50,000

Description Meet our real life fairy tale horse, Stormy! He's the kind of horse people dream about owning! He comes running to greet you in the pasture and will follow you around the barn loving the attention. Stormy is always a true gentleman in every way and all...

Sold To Nevada!!!

2010, 13.2h, Buckskin  Quarter Pony  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Lucky is the best little ranch and rodeo pony you will find. You can rodeo all Saturday and trail ride on Sunday or rope on Thursday evening and check cattle bare back when you're done. Lucky will lay down on cue and is an in-your-pocket pony with the best...

Sold To Minnesota!!!

2007, 13.2h, Sorrel  Quarter Pony  Mare
Price: $20,000

Description Junie is an absolutely phenomenal pony with immense experience. She is cute as can be, but her skills go far beyond her good looks. This little mare could carry a small adult, or any sized child. She was a working pony and was good at her jobs and loved to...

2016, 15.1h, Black Tobiano  APHA  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description Liberty is stunning, has a great disposition, and will be your best friend! He has been on overnight camping trips, worked on the ranch and been on countless trail rides. He's not only great on the outside, but he's great in the arena too. He's a beautiful...

Sold To California!!!

2016, 15.1h, Dun Tobiano  APHA  Gelding
Price: $45,000

Description Rockie definitely checks all the boxes and so much more! He's gentle, kind, easy going, handsome, a beautiful unique color, perfect size, excellent foot and bone and most importantly he's extra SAFE! Rockie stands a solid built 15.1 and weighs around 1300...

Sold To Washington!!!

2012, 15.2h, Red Dun  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $45,000

Description Flint is a quality made red dun gelding with a classic, muscular build. He has nice shape, size, bone and feet. You couldn’t ask for sweeter and more loving guy or a more reliable riding partner. He has a great handle on him, side passes, works a gate,...

Sold To California!!!

2016, 15.2h, Bay  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $30,000

Description Ima Dreaming "Thomas" really does make you feel like you're dreaming! He's a fantastic gelding. With his extensive pleasure training and breeding he's extremely smooth. You can almost trot in place! He's only 5 years old but has that old soul type of...

Sold To Texas!!!

2011, 14.3h, Sorrel/White  Gypsy Vanner  Gelding
Price: $45,000

Description Red Moon is absolutely stunning, like something out of fairy tale! This magnificent gelding is an absolute pleasure to have here at the ranch. He truly has it all! He has the gorgeous long mane and tail, classic draft build, brains, and amazingly cute...

Sold To Texas!!!

2012, 15.1h, Black Tobiano  Gypsy Vanner  Gelding
Price: $45,000

Description Swagger is the exact reason people are flocking to the Gypsy Vanners. His gentle, kind demeanor is second to none. We absolutely love this big, gentle giant. He is 100% safe on the ground and on his back. He will pack any level of rider, young or old. He...

Sold To Indiana!!!

2009, 13.2h, Black  Quarter Pony  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Teddy Bear is exactly what his name says! Our nieces have been riding him all over so you can call him "kid tested, mother(and aunt) approved" lol He's been teaching our youngest niece the ropes and given her loads of confidence and helped her blossom into...

Sold To Florida!!!

2008, 14.3h, Buckskin  AQHA  Mare
Price: $20,000

Description Leah is a trail horse deluxe! She loves going on long leisurely rides and is the ultimate partner out on the trails. She's breezed right through our program with the tarps, flag's, balls and atvs. She's a gorgeous buckskin with a great Zann Parr Bar...

Sold To Texas!!!

2013, 15h, Black Tobiano  Draft Cross  Gelding
Price: $30,000

Description Durango is a flashy 15 hand black tobiano draft cross gelding. He is a stand out guy that people will notice when you ride by. He has good bone and feet. With a smooth, easy gait, he has been a pleasure to ride in the arena and on trails, work both ranch...

Sold To California!!!

2016, 15h, Buckskin Dun  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $30,000

Description Chex is an amazing gelding with some of the best bloodlines you can get! Dual Pep and Smart Little Lena breeding on the bottom. Chex is a high quality young horse that has immense potential with outstanding athleticism, and the mind to be a superstar. He...

Sold To New Jersey!!!!

2014, 16h, Sorrel Tobiano  APHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Tall, gorgeous, athletic, smooth, and a blast to ride; these are all perfect ways to describe Major! He's 16 hands has a great neck rein and is super easy to ride. Major is talented and has the potential to do just about anything. He’s great out on the...

Sold To Arizona!!!

2011, 16.1h, Bay  Quarter Horse  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Introducing Harley! This beautifully built gelding is an absolute sweetheart. You will have no choice but to fall in love with him. He is 16 hands but the biggest thing about him is his heart! He is consistent and will put in 100% effort for his rider....

Sold To California!!!

2007, 16h, Black  Draft Cross  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Moose is a stunning, midnight black, fairytale horse that looks like he belongs in a movie. This beautiful gelding is a draft cross, giving him the perfect build, and disposition to carry any rider. Moose is incredibly smooth and balanced mover. He is a...

Sold To Kentucky!!!

2010, 16h, Gray  Percheron/QH Cross  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Mercury is an absolutely stunning and super sweet Quarter Horse/ Percheron cross that is built to last! We absolutely love him and he was a great confidence builder for our 11 year old niece. He has extensive experience in the work force and helped the...

Sold To Louisiana!!!

2011, 14.3h, Red Dun  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Fletcher is a cute, experienced, and flashy gelding that you are sure to love. He is a very smart horse with a lot of potential to go in any direction. This gelding is a registered AQHA gelding with some extremely influential and rare names on his papers....

Sold To Wisconsin!!!

2015, 12.1h, Chocolate Palomino  Pony  Gelding
Price: $12,000

Description Irish has it all, amazing looks with that gorgeous flaxen mane and tail, loving disposition and meets you at the gate, trots and lopes around smooth like a big horse! This little guy acts twice his age! He recently lost his little cowboy to a move so we...

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