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PLEASE NOTE: All prices include Shipping and our 30-Day Guarantee. Our horses and ponies generally sell VERY fast so if you find a horse you are seriously interested in, we encourage you to act quickly. We hate it when people call disappointed about missing out on a particular horse! We are happy to hold a horse with a 10% non-refundable security deposit to allow time for travel if you plan on coming in, otherwise we do not hold horses under any circumstances. If you are ready to take the next step, please fill out a New Customer Questionnaire. We want to make sure you’re truly ready for the commitment and understand the costs. Our time is very valuable and so is yours, so we don’t want to waste either. Once we receive your questionnaire we’ll schedule a time to talk or have a FaceTime call.

2019, 14.3h, Bay  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description Those of you who follow us know we only take on a handful of three year olds every year and they all have one thing in common... they have to ride and act like 10 year olds! Commander definitely exceeds our expectations. He's quiet, calm, never raises his...

2016, 14.2h, Gray  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description "Dakota" is stunning! You won't find another horse just like him. He is soft, light, and a joy to ride! Dakota is talented, so quiet and so comfortable! He floats around bareback and bridle-less, even out on the trails! He is easy to ride and has...

2018, 15h, Palomino  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description Hickory is one of the most reliable and easy to ride trail horses that we have had through our program in a long time. He has such a sweet and loving personality that seems to capture the heart of anyone that rides him. He is a solid sized horse with a...

2017, 14.3h, Gray  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $35,000

Description Horses like Leo are few and far between. He is the ultimate trail companion and would make an exceptional "first horse" regardless of your riding level. Leo has one of the best personalities on the farm, his curious nature coupled with his love of people...

2012, 14.3h, Palomino  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $45,000

Description Cuteness overload! This fancy, blonde haired, golden coated charmer is marvelous! Rex's inquisitive personality and loving disposition will make you laugh and fall in love over and over. He likes to please his people and doesn’t want to be wrong. Rex has...

2017, 14.3h, Bay Tobiano  Gypsy Vanner  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description Meet Dusty, a truly one of kind gypsy! He’s the kind of everyone's looking for! He comes running to greet you in the pasture and will follow you around the barn loving the attention. Dusty is always a true gentleman in every way and all situations. He’s...

2016, 15.1h, Black Tobiano  APHA  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description Liberty is stunning, has a great disposition, and will be your best friend! He has been on overnight camping trips, worked on the ranch and been on countless trail rides. He's not only great on the outside, but he's great in the arena too. He's a beautiful...

2013, 15.3h, Black  ApHC  Gelding
Price: $65,000

Description This is one Special horse! Voodoo is definitely one of our highlights of 2022. He's been trained and used as a movie set horse. He's used to lights, cameras and lots of action! Literally nothing rattles this guy! He will truly fit into any program that you...

2018, 13.2h, Sorrel Tobiano  Pony  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Calypso gives new meaning to the phrase “once-in-a-lifetime”! They really broke the mold after him. NOTHING bothers this guy, he acts and rides like a big horse. He’s an absolutely beautiful mover that could thrive in any discipline, either western or...

2016, 14h, Chestnut  Appaloosa  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description This is a 6yr old gelding that stands 14 hands tall, and has a personality and heart twice as big! This eye catching gelding is incredibly good minded, has perfect manners, and is broke to death! He's the perfect size for kids or a small adult. He’s had an...

Sold To Arizona!!!

2017, 14.3h, Black  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $35,000

Description Check out this jet black own son of Starlight Midnight by the great Grays Starlight. Cadillac is a rockstar, calm, cool, and collected! We love this charming, kind and handsome boy! It’s hard to find a black gelding with all his credentials. He cuts,...

Sold To Florida!!!

2015, 15.3h, Palomino  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description Odie is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of horse! He's the classic ranch gelding with all the bells and whistles and a dreamboat personality to go with it. He is absolutely stunning too with the golden palomino coat and flowing blonde mane and tail. He looks...

Sold To Florida!!!

2014, 14.2h, Black Tobiano  Gypsy Vanner  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description Meet our current barn favorites, Dandy! He's the kind of everyone loves to be around! He comes running to greet you in the pasture and will follow you around the barn loving the attention. Dandy is always a true gentleman in every way and all situations....

Sold To New Jersey!!!!

2016, 15h, Buckskin  Quarter Horse  Gelding
Price: $30,000

Description This nice 6 yr old good gelding stands out wherever he is for his looks and ability. He’s broke, he’s gentle, he stays broke and gentle. He stands 15 hands with a lot of color and look to him. He’s been used for all ranch work, he’s been used to sort cows,...

Sold To Nebraska!!!

2018, 15.2h, Buckskin  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $40,000

Description This flashy gelding is the complete package! Not only is he absolutely stunning, he has a wonderful personality to go with those amazing looks! Rocky is nothing but a gentleman and a sweetheart while riding, grooming, working, or just out on a relaxing...

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