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Fuerst Shiloh

Description So this opportunity rarely comes around. We are offering our baby, Fuerst Shiloh, for sale to an approved home. She was bred and raised on our farm and is one of the most amazing horses we have ever had the privilege to own! Her sire, Fuerst Gotthard, better known as “The Titelist” was a grand prix champion and produced amazing offspring! Shiloh racked up one championship after another in the Arkansas Hunter Jumper Association as youngster. She has done clinics with world class trainers in the jumper world, as well as dressage and eventers such as US olympic gold medalists and coaches Karen and David O’Conner. She qualified for and competed in the American Eventing Championships in 2015, and has been shown successfully through training. She spent last February in Ocala while Isabella was coached by Olympian Joe Meyer. She’s been ridden and trained by 4-star riders, and she can also be ridden by young kids and inexperienced riders. We imprinted her as a foal and she has always been gentle and easy to work with. She has beautiful movement and would be a dream horse for someone wanting to focus on dressage. As you can see from the photos, she’s been in all of our family pictures for years and has been an important part of our family. Isabella is focussing more of her time to reining and we have 2 and 3 year old warmbloods that need to…
Richard Jacuzzi
December 9, 2017

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