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Meet our real life unicorn, Charley! He is the kind of horse people dream about owning! He is highly trained in the arena, a total dream on the trails, a handy partner on the ranch, a pro at playdays, and safe for the entire family! He comes running to greet you in the pasture and will follow you around the barn eager for attention. Charley is always a true gentleman in every way and all situations. He’s the one you will want to catch and go have some fun on everyday. You can’t help but to smile in his presence with his sweet, loving disposition and inquisitive personality. Charley has worked cattle, roped, flagged cows, and done pretty much everything you can imagine or need to do on a ranch. He has experienced lots of outside miles on all different types of situations. He is accustomed to all types of terrain. He is very sure footed and easy to maneuver through brush, creeks and tight trails. He loves water and will happily go for a swim in the lake. He will go right where you point him without hesitation. He is brave by himself or will gladly follow a group out on the trails. He has seen lots of wildlife, is good with crazy dogs, obnoxious mini horses, blowing tarps and atvs. Charley has had experience goat tying and loves the rodeo environment. He loves to go for joy rides down the road and is an absolute blast. Charley is extremely smooth and comfortable to ride. He has a reining type handle with a rocking chair lope on a draped rein, pretty one-handed spins, a deep smooth stop, and a jog that you can sit all day long. Charley is simple to maneuver and easy for all levels of riders. He’s an uncomplicated horse to own and will allow you to turn him out for long periods of time and saddle him right back up gentle, quiet and safe, just the way you left him. Charley is a solid and sturdy mount for a timid rider or one lacking confidence. He would just as soon go slow, but isn’t lazy, just very chill and easy going. All the little girls will love to braid his thick, long, gorgeous hair and he truly enjoys being pampered and loved on. Charley is one of the coolest horses that we have had a pleasure to own. We’ve gotten a chance to train quite a few Gypsy Vanner horses and ones like Charley definitely makes our job fun and easy. He’s so receptive and wants to please. Charley is hard to take your eyes off of with his flawless looks and mane and tail that go on for days! He’s for sure a ride in style and oh my word, so dang fancy! We absolutely love this teddy-bear gelding and he will be a tough one to let go. His impeccable mannerisms, gentle soul, fabulous hair and all around talent to do anything you throw his way make Charley a true unicorn and a once in a lifetime kinda find! He is 100% sound, guaranteed, and comes with a vet exam and radiographs.


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