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Henry Reno


This beautiful and flashy gelding is the perfect addition to any barn. With his looks, riding capabilities, and personality Henry Reno is a true showstopper. He is friendly as can be and will be the first one to come up and greet you in the pasture. He is a people kind of horse. He craves all of the attention and affection he can get! Sweeter than pie Henry Reno is sure to please anyone who rides him. He is a horse that the entire family can love! What is best about Henry Reno is that he isn’t just a pretty face and amazing personality, he has the riding and skills to go along with it! Talk about a smooth and stable ride. What a great and balanced loap this guy has! He is seasoned and very calm, making him a magnificent all-around horse. Being a draft cross he has the build to be a reliable and steady partner. This sweet and gentle guy is amazing with any partner you chose to pair him up with. You can see from his video what a calm minded and willing horse he is!


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Tri-Color Tobiano
Draft Cross

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