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Are you ready to fall in love? Meet Tacoma! He is an outstanding blue roan quarter horse draft cross gelding that stands 15H, and weighs about 1400lbs. As a six year old, he has experience and training far beyond his years. Tacoma is an absolute dream on the mountains and trails. He has been used on hunting trips, packing, leading the pack string, and babysitting first time riders. He's been in some of the roughest country imaginable. Tacoma will cross rivers, steep rocky ledges, downfall, and creeks, all the while keeping a calm and level head. We shoot off him, and he doesn't even flinch! You can always trust him to bring you home safe and sound. He's a barn favorite always and everybody fights over who gets to ride him. Not only is he a top notch example of a draft cross, he also has the ability to ride around fancy like a quarter horse. He will gallop collected circles, move off leg pressure and give you a great stop. Better yet, he is broke well enough you can even ride him bridleless. He's headed and heeled and is great out of the box. Tacoma is experienced in all aspects of ranch work including branding calves, doctoring and just day to day ranch work. Whether you have a couple acres or 10,000 acres, Tacoma has a work ethic that can’t be beat. He will put his head down and walk the same pace all day long. Standing at 15 hands he is the perfect height to easily climb on and off.  He has the bone and muscle to pack just about anyone. He is rock solid physically and mentally. Tacoma is the perfect total package! Not only does he ride great western, but he's such a pretty mover and versatile that we've been riding him english and he's a natural! He is not only beautiful but he is safe and fun to ride. He truly is an exceptional draft cross that we love and know you will too! Tacoma is available at a really great price because he does have an old wire scar on his back legs and it does slightly alter his gait. We give him one Equioxx per day in a handful of Strategy and he's exactly the way you see him in his video. We have kept him over a year just because we want to make sure we can confidently represent him accurately. We have full radiographs as well. Tacoma is a young horse with his whole life ahead of him and he's ready to be your next best friend!


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Blue Roan
Quarter Horse Draft Cross

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