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Bacardi is as family friendly and kind hearted as they come! This big special guy has such an amazing attitude we’d say most anyone in the family can ride him. He has been ridden all over the ranch and been behind tons of cattle. Bacardi has been on countless trail rides, has been through brush, seen lots of wildlife, crossed rivers, and goes over large bridges with no hesitation. Traffic safe, dog safe, kid safe, husband safe, and a confidence builder for the whole family! He’s a “more whoa than go” type that eases down the trail on a loose rein, but has the get-up-and-go if you need to chase after a cow in the pasture. Stands still next to a mounting block, log, or gate for easy mounting. Easy to catch and loves attention, he’s always wanting to be in your back pocket and be your friend. Big, handsome, uniquely colored steel grey gelding that you will be sure to fall in love with when you get him home!


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Pedigree — Two Shots Doc

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