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Description Are you ready to fall in love? Meet Kobe! He is an outstanding blue roan quarter horse draft cross gelding that stands 15H, and weighs about 1400lbs. As a five year old, he has experience and training far beyond his years. Kobe is an absolute dream on the mountains and trails. He has been used on hunting trips, packing, leading the pack string, and babysitting first time riders. He's been in some of the roughest country imaginable. Kobe will cross rivers, steep rocky ledges, downfall, and creeks, all the while keeping a calm and level head. We shoot off him, and he doesn't even flinch! You can always trust him to bring you home safe and sound. He's a barn favorite always and everybody fights over who gets to ride him. Not only is he a top notch example of a draft cross, he also has the ability to ride around fancy like a quarter horse. He will gallop collected circles, move off leg pressure and give you a great stop. Better yet, he is broke well enough you can even ride him bridleless. He's headed and heeled and is great out of the box. Kobe is experienced in all aspects of ranch work including branding calves, doctoring and just day to day ranch work. Whether you have a couple acres or 10,000 acres, Kobe has a work ethic that can’t be beat. He will put his head down…
Richard Jacuzzi
June 21, 2023


Description Liberty is stunning, has a great disposition, and will be your best friend! He has been on overnight camping trips, worked on the ranch and been on countless trail rides. He's not only great on the outside, but he's great in the arena too. He's a beautiful mover, extremely smooth, low headed, and a great stopper. He could easily go in and be a top notch show horse ranch riding. We've worked him with tarps, flags, atvs, and he's done great with everything. He's a young versatile horse with the talent to go any direction! He loves people and is a saint on the ground. Thank you for your interest in our horses! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We have helped literally hundreds of people in the past find the horse of their dreams, and we know we can help you find that perfect horse or pony for your needs. We get many inquiries about horses. Horses will not be held under any circumstances and are available on a first come first serve basis. If you would like more information about any of our horses, or you would like help in evaluating which one may be a fit for your specific needs, please contact us directly. We will be more than happy to answer any questions. All horses and ponies listed are subject to prior sale. Our horses usually sell very fast, and most…
Richard Jacuzzi
October 25, 2021


Description Meet Louis, a deep golden AQHA palomino gelding with a snow white mane and tai!! Louis is what everyone is looking for, he’s broke and as trained as they come yet quiet and safe for all levels of riders. Louis not only has the training and color, he has that great mind to go with him - he’s so willing and happy to do whatever he’s asked to do. We have had the opportunity to show Louis through all of our desensitizing. He’s so fun and easy to ride! He has so much talent but yet is so quiet and kind hearted!! Louis has had many miles of trail riding through rough terrain and water, logs, ditches, and mud. Nothing phases him. He also love going through obstacles and trail challenges. Louis is the kind of horse you can leave sit for a few weeks, hop back on and go ride with no worries. He is 100% sound and has no health or maintenance issues. Louis is trained to lay down, and is a very quick learner! We love him and know you will fall in love with him as well. He is great in the trailer, loads and unloads with ease . Louis is good with loud noises, traffic, clippers, bathing, shoeing and so much more! You won’t want to miss him. Now to mention his pedigree! Louis is by NRHA money earner Wimpyslittlethriller! He has so much…
Richard Jacuzzi
March 30, 2022


Description Buck is a stunning, calm, friendly, and reliable gelding that we are very excited about. This gelding doesn’t let his experience stop in the arena but continues confidently on any trail making him an absolute must have. He has a good handle, stop, and is very willing and ready to please his rider. Buck is people oriented and that is always a plus when you have a horse that rides this well. He is AQHA registered and has the classic Quarter Horse Personality. He is a go where you point him type of horse, sure footed, and always consistent. He was exposed to our program and acted like he had seen everything before! This includes dogs, turkeys, tarp, the big ball, walk-trot-lope with the flag, tricks, trails, drone, the water, atv, and he even got some experience dealing with our corgi puppies walking around! He is a very sweet boy and is one of the calmest horses we’ve had. Buck is ready for his forever home and we are so excited to help him find it! Give us a call today to get this amazing gelding home to you and your barn! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
June 23, 2023

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