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GSP Rock N Roan aka “Rowan”

Description From the first day Rowan walked in the barn it was clear there was something special about him! Sure he has stunning looks, is a perfect gentleman, and rides like a pro, but it's all the things you just can't express in words that make him a barn favorite. Rowan just has that x-factor! He seems to do everything right, he neck reins with a light touch, has silky smooth gaits, and has proven to be brave in any situations we put him in. He's equally talented and comfortable in and out of the arena. The sky is literally the limit with what you can with this guy. He's worked on a ranch and could take those skills and make a phenomenal working cow horse. His temperament is just the absolute best. Anything you want to do outside, going through water, over logs, carrying a flag, going over tarps, there hasn't been one single thing we've gotten a reaction from him on. Rowan has that quintessential cowboy's horse good looks and is as legitimate and honest as the day is long. Whoever is lucky enough to bring Rowan home will be the envy of all their friends, If you can't tell, we think the world of this guy! Thank you for your interest in our horses! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We have helped literally hundreds of people in the past find the horse…
Richard Jacuzzi
April 27, 2022

Kings Blu EZ

Description Here is the complete package! This stunning blue roan gelding ticks all the boxes! You won’t find a more kind, honest and sweeter gelding than King! Whatever you want to do on horseback, this will be your guy! Whether you need to do a days work or just ride to the mailbox, you will enjoy riding King. He is absolutely gentle and safe for anyone and everyone! Great horse to gain confidence on. He will ride up or down to whatever speed you desire.  King cuts a cow and is super handy to use for gathering and sorting. He easily side passes to gates quietly stands while you open and close them. He rides great outside and is confident alone. He goes right where you send him without hesitation and is steady in all types of terrain. He has been roped on and will work hard all day. King is cool as a cucumber in all situations and circumstances.  He is super smooth and comfortable to ride and will one step lope off. He will eagerly meet you at the gate and is very quiet and gentle to handle.  It’s hard to find one colored any prettier that has his shape and conformation. King is truly a barn favorite! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
May 18, 2021

Flat Out Sleepy

Description Sleepy is a perfect gentleman! Sired by a fantastic Zippo's Mr Good Bar stallion, VS Flatline, and out of a World Championship dam, Sleepin In The Rain, Sleepy could easily continue on with his pleasure training and make someone a great show horse. Sleepy's best quality is his disposition though, he is extremely laid back and friendly, and that coupled with his slow and smooth gaits make him a horse that virtually everybody feels comfortable on. He's a true confidence booster and a great horse for people to learn how to ride on. He's been utterly unfazed by everything we've shown him and would make a great ranch riding our trail obstacle horse too. At only 6 years old, Sleepy acts like a horse twice his age and has his whole life ahead of him. This is one special guy that's ready for a forever best friend! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
May 7, 2021


Description Levi is a wonderful western addition to any barn! This strong and balanced mover has the ability to carry his rider through anything. He is built and graceful, which is a wonderful combination for any horse. He has the classic Quarter Horse build, wonderful confirmation and a great working walk. He has a steady eddie personality and can give you the same ride every time you saddle him up. Our niece loves him and he is great with kids. He is super sweet with everyone he meets. He loves attention and loves all of his grooming sessions. He loves any task you can give him! He is so easy going that he helped us round up our free ranging turkeys, This gelding is super fun and is a great confidence builder. He is very cowy and has worked cattle on ranches, because he is so handy, he loves any task you can give him! Point him in any direction and he will go. Levi soared through the program including tarps, flag, big ball, the water, dogs, turkeys, tarps, atv, drone, riding double, and trails. He loads, ties, stands quietly, transitions smoothly, bathes, grooms, and neck reins. This gelding feels at home on trails, and he is very sure-footed. He is quiet and confident, giving you the peace of mind in the arena, or on a trail alone. He’s very versatile in his abilities and he would make a wonderful…
Richard Jacuzzi
March 28, 2020


Description Barron has been-there, done-that, seen-that! He is a true all around handy guy! He is an excellent trail horse, ranch horse, all around family horse! He is so broke and easy to ride! He great on a cow and quiet, not spooky and flat footed outside. He is the type you can leave off work and comes back without missing a beat. He would be perfect for the serious trail rider that also wants to try everything else! He has also been used on a working ranch. He side passes, works a gate well, walks, jogs and lopes quietly both ways, picks up both leads, stops and backs up well. Barron crosses right through the water, is sure footed and will handle any type of terrain. We've worked him with flags, tarps, and atvs and he doesn't take a second look. Barron has been ridden by kids and is a great teacher. He is adorable with his beautiful blue roan color, great build and sweet personality! You can’t help but fall in love with him! Thank you for your interest in our horses!  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We have helped literally hundreds of people in the past find the horse of their dreams, and we know we can help you find that perfect horse or pony for your needs.  We get many inquiries about our horses.  Horses will not be held under any…
Richard Jacuzzi
March 20, 2020

Bye Bye Red Roan aka “Scotch”

Description Scotch is a young ranch horse that has a great foundation that rides beyond his years! He has a great handle, big stop, and is lightly patterned on the barrels. He’s the perfect age to go on in any direction. He is talented enough to make a great arena horse, and solid enough to be a great trail horse for the whole family. He can ride western or english and would be great for western dressage, hunters, or just about anything. He has a calm disposition and hasn’t been spooky of any of the things we’ve thrown at him. Scotch is a special horse that's ready to be some lucky person's lifelong partner! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
May 30, 2019

Little Gemmy Rey aka”Pep”

Description Pep is an amazing gelding! You name it, he's done it, he can handle any job on the ranch, is a pro on the trails, and he's even been on the movie sets! Nothing phases this guy, tarps, flags, water, not even a drone buzzing around his head! He has an impeccable pedigree, a grandson of Dual Rey and Smart little Lena on his papers too. He's great in or out of the arena, and has the smoothest gaits. You can hop on him bareback and just head off through the pasture. He has a loving, in-your-pocket type personality. He comes right up to you in a big pasture and can't get enough attention. Isabella has been using him for beginner lessons the last 2 years and she's leaving for college at the end of the summer, that's the reason we're offering him for sale now. Horses like Pep don't come around very often! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
January 14, 2018

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