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Little Joe Blue

Description Joe is absolutely the most adorable gelding with impeccable conformation, a wonderful disposition, and a heart of gold. Joe's royal pedigree is stellar and he portrays the good characteristics of his sire, NRHA Futurity Champion, Lil Joe Cash. Joe rides as good as he looks and is extremely versatile. He does everything! From reining, ranch work, cow work or just a fun, safe ride out on the trails this will be one that you will enjoy each and every ride. Always gentle, honest and easy going even with time off. Saddle him up and go enjoy! Joe easily performs all the reining maneuvers with long sliding stops, snappy spins and easy lead changes. He would be fun to show in the Ranch Riding and Versatility events. He has a super smooth jog and rocking chair lope. He has been ridden all over our Arkansas ranch as well as many miles in the trails. He's confident alone out on the trails and will go right where you point him. He is very sure footed and has a good outside walk. Joe loves being around people and will eat up any kind of attention making him s favorite around the barn. If you want to go show, pleasure ride, or both, Joe is a perfect fit and complete gentleman for any level of rider! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
June 19, 2021


Description Splash is 13 hands of pony greatness! One of the kindest most honest ponies we’ve seen! This pony belongs to our niece and is definitely part of the family and fits right in. They have spent countless hours putting her through every test you can think of! He will go anywhere you ask him to at whatever speed you ask him to do it. Splash has been out on the trails, he’s sure footed and will cross any kind of obstacle there is. He’s a push style pony but not one that your little ones will have to kick and kick to get him going. This gorgeous little guy is broke like a big horse. He has cute little turn arounds both ways, a really soft mouth and a good stop. Splash will walk trot and lope in the arena. I truly believe this a once in a lifetime kind of pony! Anytime we haul anywhere, Splash is on the trailer, he keeps the kids entertained and happy! He’s the perfect pony for the whole family! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
April 29, 2021

Hezachocoliciousbar aka “Jersey”

Description ***UPDATE We've recently discovered that Jersey is deaf. Many people in the reining world are used to seeing the hundreds of Gunner offspring out there with the typical bald faced blue-eyed beauties that carry on his genetic traits including deafness. Deaf horses can excel in many disciplines like reining, mounted shooting and more, virtually anything a non-deaf horse can do. Armed with the knowledge that you're riding a deaf horse allows you to be a true team. Keep in mind Jersey made it through our entire program including all of his videos without us having the knowledge he was deaf. We visually introduce all of the stimuli we expose them to in our process. If Jersey doesn't know something is coming before it gets right on him it could startle him, so you just need to be aware of that and help let him know that things are coming. If he's aware of his surroundings nothing phases him. Due to this new discovery his price has been discounted and he truly is ones of the best values you'll see in a horse! Jersey is a special horse.*** Jersey is a beautiful and solid APHA registered gelding. His size doesn’t depict his personality though, he is gentle and a slow going gelding that really enjoys spending time with his rider. Jersey is great on the trails and steady in the arena with a beautiful way of moving. He is very…
Richard Jacuzzi
June 26, 2020

Notagunner aka “Stella”

Description Although she may not be a Gunner, Stella is definitely special to us! She's Zips Chocolate Chip and Watch Joe Jack bred on the top and Skipa Star on the bottom. She's had extensive arena training been taken to local shows ranch riding and pleasure. She's a pro on the outside with miles and miles of trails riding. She was bred by a well know local trainer and remained in his hands her whole life until he passed away unexpectedly recently. She has breezed through our program unfazed by the ball, tarps, flags, and atv. She loves attention and you can tell she's accustomed to being pampered and in the middle of things! She fits right in to our busy barn! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
March 31, 2021

Bostons Ray Blaze

Description Introducing Boston! This beautifully built gelding is an absolute sweetheart. You will have no choice but to fall in love with him. He is 16 hands but the biggest thing about him is his heart! He is consistent and will put in 100% effort for his rider. This guy has a great work ethic and wants to please his rider. He is so simple to ride that he makes every ride an easy, stress free and amazing experience. He is incredibly smooth and easy going. Boston is gentle and loves to show off his sweet personality and he loves giving affection as much as he loves to receive it. He truly is a nice gelding and we love having him here to work with! He flew through the big ball, turkeys, tarp, walk-trot-lope with the flag, atv, trails, tricks, and the water! He is gorgeous and we are so sure he will make some lucky family very happy! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
April 15, 2021

Clusos Little Dot aka “Dottie”

Description Dottie is as sweet and cute as they come! Meet the ultimate kid friendly, confidence builder horse for any child or adult! She is an AQHA pedigree with names like Zippo Pine Bar, who was according to AQHA one of the most prolific pleasure horse sires in history. Dottie has shown with children and loves having her special family. She is an absolute doll and she really takes care of her kids. She is experienced and very willing to try whatever is asked of her. We rarely call something the “ultimate kids’ horse”, but Dottie is the exception and we have all the confidence in this sweet girl. She is not limited to children however, she is certainly big enough to carry an adult, and would be a great confidence builder for a beginner rider. Temperaments and attitudes like this mare do not come around often. She is a great example of the type of horses that we strive to provide for our customers. She has great transitions, a nice slow jog, a smooth lope, and an easy handle. She will haul and perform at shows with you or take it easy on the trails. Dottie will make someone a phenomenal forever horse. She flew through our program which exposes them to dogs, turkeys, llamas, trails, walk-trot-lope with the flag, atv, drone, the water, the big ball, tricks, tarp, and even deer that made a surprise visit during the…
Richard Jacuzzi
January 20, 2021

Lil Jerry Del Cielo aka “Phoenix”

Description This gentle gelding is quite the catch! Phoenix is an AQHA registered gelding that is responsive, willing, and experienced. He has a great disposition and is a well-built gelding all around. Our vet just loves the way he is built and couldn’t stop complimenting how balanced and nicely he was put together. He is quite the handsome sorrel and he knows it! He will swoon at all the attention he can get from you. He is an in-your-pocket type of horse and he loves his people. Phoenix would really get a special bond with a new family, like he has for us. This gelding is the kind you get attached to. Now Phoenix has some outstanding names in his bloodlines including Peppy San Badger who has sired earners of over 25 million dollars. Smart Little Lena who won the 1982 NCHA Futurity, NCHA Super Stakes, and Derby. He won over 500,000 in just 8 shows. His offspring have won over 22 world championships and Earned over 34 million dollars. Dual Peppy, Phoenix’s grandsire, was awarded Superior Cow Horse Award from NRCHA. Haidas Little Pep is a leading sire of cutting horses in the NCHA offspring earnings. He is also an Open Futurity Reserve Champion, an NCHA Open Finals Co-Champion. He is also an NAHA Equistat #9 all-time leading sire. He haso has Black Little Lena, a NCHA open stock show champion. Also finalist in NCHA Open Derby, Gold Coast…
Richard Jacuzzi
October 27, 2020


Description This sweet and stout mare is as cute as can be! She is a laid-back type of gal and enjoys carrots and riding with her person. She is a more woah than go mare so perfect for the little ones! She went right through our program which includes, dogs, tarps, flag, water, riding double, drone, trails, and tricks. Libby, despite her classic Haflinger build, is actually quite smooth and graceful! She carries her rider very smooth and is a sure-footed type of mare. She enjoys lots of love and grooming with kids and seems to really bond with her little riders. She listens and had great training to accompany that sweet personality. She looks like a fairy tale type horse and would make someone a very happy little rider! She can carry an adult as well due to her muscular build. She is a great horse to learn with. Don’t miss out on this pretty pony because she won’t last long! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
July 9, 2020


Description Wow, Jackson is an eye catcher! One look at this horse and you are bound to fall in love! With these looks and his cheerful disposition, this horse knows how to steal hearts! Jackson is an outstanding horse who knows his stuff. He is always aiming to please and is eager to show his rider his talents. Jackson has a firm foundation in and out of the arena, and has effortless WTC transitions that will make you stand out in a crowd! Is been taken to lots of local Hunter shows, and is great with everything. When you take him out of the ring, he will be sure to impress you on the trails too. He securely takes care of his rider in all situations, and carefully insures a safe and sturdy ride! Jackson takes pleasure in making any rider feel comfortable no matter what. He doesn’t bat an eye at anything we’ve thrown at him, and he’s always ready for the next thing. We are excited for the lucky future owner of this incredible horse!! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
September 20, 2019

Playing Ray

Description Don't judge a horse by it's color! Ray is one of the best horses we've had on the farm in a long time. He's a little more whoa than go, which is great for beginner, kids, and more timid riders. But he also will go up and go if you ask him. Not one thing we've shown him as even remotely bothered him. Dogs running around his feet, drones buzzing around his head, balls bouncing beside him, ABSOLUTELY nothing has phased this amazing horse. Whoever is lucky enough to have this guy in their life will absolutely love him! At only seven years old you will get years and years of countless memories! His gates are so smooth you'll never want to get off either. He has a great pedigree with Doc O'Lena on the top and Freckles Playboy on the bottom. It's no wonder he has such a wonderful disposition. Ray truly is one of those once in a lifetime horses. Thank you for your interest in our horses!  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We have helped literally hundreds of people in the past find the horse of their dreams, and we know we can help you find that perfect horse or pony for your needs.  We get many inquiries about our horses.  Horses will not be held under any other circumstances and are available on a first come first serve basis. If…
Richard Jacuzzi
September 4, 2019

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