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Description Shakespeare definitely lives up to all the accolades that have been placed on the Gypsy Vanners breed! He's quiet, fearless, loves people, and of course he's stunning! Solid colored Gypsies are hard to find because solid colors were intentionally bred out of the breed during the wars because the the Gypsy people didn't want the countries confiscating them all. Their disposition and bravery made them ideal horses for the military, but horses with white were excluded because they were too easily seen, so white was introduced into the breed and that's why most are either black and white(Piebalds) or red and white(Skewbalds). Shakespeare not only has that beautiful black coat, and thick mane, but he as a tail that literally drags two feet behind him! He's perfect with riders of all ages and abilities. He's great out on the trails. Shakespeare is like a celebrity everywhere he goes, people are always turning heads and asking for pictures with him. He's the only horse like him that we've ever had, and we may never have another one! He's an absolute treat to have in the barn and we'll definitely miss him! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
October 26, 2021


JTNDc3BhbiUyMGNsYXNzJTNEJTIyY3J1bWJzJTIyJTNFJTVCd3BzZW9fYnJlYWRjcnVtYiU1RCUzQyUyRnNwYW4lM0U=SoldCheck out this jet black own son of Starlight Midnight by the great Grays Starlight. Cadillac is a rockstar, calm, cool, and collected! We love this charming, kind and handsome boy! It’s hard to find a black gelding with all his credentials. He cuts, ropes, reins, trail rides, and is a deluxe ranch horse that doesn’t mind loud gunfire, crazy corgis, blowing tarps, flags, atvs and he’s ALWAYS gentle, quiet, and sane even with substantial time off. Cadillac is super fun to drop your hand and go cut on. He is the definition of OUTSTANDING from the trails to the roping pen and back to the ranch! He’s athletic, talented and has a stylish look in front of a cow. He reads one like a book and is super handy in the sorting pens and can hold a tough cow from the herd. Cadillac is a fun horse to go rope on and he’ll always get you a paycheck. Back in the box and go rope 20, he gives you the same run each time. He’s consistent, honest and smooth. He has great rate and timing. He is ready to haul to the jackpots and go win money. He has a ton of speed, but makes everything effortless. Cadillac will turn heads anywhere you unload him. He has an impressive look that demands your attention, but his personality is the best. He’s hands down what you want a gelding to…
Richard Jacuzzi
July 21, 2022

Maxed Out Chrome aka “Joker”

Description "Joker" is a super cute Appaloosa gelding with a stunning blanket! Joker has been on countless trail rides and is as solid as they come! Joker has a great handle, easy neck rein and great stop. He has been roped on some in the pasture and out of the box. He will walk, trot, and lopes nice circles too. He would be a great lesson horse or first horse for a beginning rider. Joker will carry a flag and would make a nice horse for parades or drill team. He will push a ball around or push cattle and would be able to do some sorting for fun. Joker is happy to walk out on the trails alone or in a group. He has excellent ground manners, leads, loads, hauls, is great for the vet and farrier, stands for mount and dismount, easy to catch, bathe, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, stands tied, great in new places and gets along well with other horses. Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
September 1, 2021


Description Moose is a stunning, midnight black, fairytale horse that looks like he belongs in a movie. This beautiful gelding is a draft cross, giving him the perfect build, and disposition to carry any rider. Moose is incredibly smooth and balanced mover. He is a more woah than go horse and that makes him the ultimate trail companion. He is an essential part of a relaxing trail ride, and he will go anywhere you point him. We put him through our program exposing him to tarp, dogs, turkeys, walk-trot-lope with the flag, the water, trails, tricks, the big ball, drone, atv, and riding double. Moose graduated our program and is now ready for a forever home. He loves attention and is a horse that is always happy to see you. He may be a draft cross, but his heart is the biggest thing about him! We are so excited to pair him with the perfect home where he can build confidence out on adventures with his new companion. Thank you for your interest in our horses!  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We have helped literally hundreds of people in the past find the horse of their dreams, and we know we can help you find that perfect horse or pony for your needs.  We get many inquiries about our horses.  Horses will not be held under any other circumstances and are available on a first…
Richard Jacuzzi
September 22, 2020

BMQ In The Black aka “Teddy”

Description Teddy is a tall, charming, and graceful gelding that will steal your heart! Teddy is an elegant mover that is experienced enough to teach you what you need to know. Teddy neck reins great and has a huge stop! We exposed this special gelding to our program with includes tarps, big ball, turkeys, dogs, atv, flags, trail rides, filming drones, and the pond. Teddy sailed right on through all the obstacles ahead of him and did wonderfully with everything that we have asked of him. He was so unbothered by the flag that we could wave it in circles around him and he did not have a care in the world about it. As you can see in the video, he provides unlimited smiles and laughs and we have had immense fun with him. Teddy will leave you laughing from all the fun you will have during your ride. He is sweet to be around and fun to ride giving you a best friend, but also a teacher. Just look at his video and see how patient he was with our 10-year-old niece. Teddy loves to go riding and don’t forget the treats because he loves those too! Imagine yourself on this beautiful black gelding and think of how graceful you will be! Teddy is a lover and is ready to give all his love and attention to a very lucky family. Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
February 5, 2020

Joes Beg To Differ

Description Joe is a cute, stocky, and broke gelding that is perfect for anyone in the family. With his size he is small enough to carry a child, but big enough to carry an adult comfortably. He has a strong build which would make him suitable for bigger, shorter adults or children. Joe would be a great family horse because of his versatility. He is great on trails, and in the arena. He has mostly trail ridden, but he still has the training to work in the arena with ease. This guy was exposed to tarps, flag, atv, water, turkeys, big ball, riding double, trails, and drone. There was a lot going on during his video such as horses running and playing in the field right next to us and vehicle driving around constantly, four wheelers, and screaming kids jumping into water and he never got distracted. He is an in your pocket type. He loads, clips, ties all day long without a fuss, bathes, and picks up his feet for you! He transitions well, and picks up both leads with ease, he lets you set the pace! He is also a papered with AQHA with great bloodlines like Doc's Prescription, Poco Bueno, and Doc Bar. That is always a plus! He is as sweet and easy going as he could be and would make such a great horse for the entire family, we are excited to help Joe find…
Richard Jacuzzi
March 30, 2020

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