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Description Buck is a stunning, calm, friendly, and reliable gelding that we are very excited about. This gelding doesn’t let his experience stop in the arena but continues confidently on any trail making him an absolute must have. He has a good handle, stop, and is very willing and ready to please his rider. Buck is people oriented and that is always a plus when you have a horse that rides this well. He is AQHA registered and has the classic Quarter Horse Personality. He is a go where you point him type of horse, sure footed, and always consistent. He was exposed to our program and acted like he had seen everything before! This includes dogs, turkeys, tarp, the big ball, walk-trot-lope with the flag, tricks, trails, drone, the water, atv, and he even got some experience dealing with our corgi puppies walking around! He is a very sweet boy and is one of the calmest horses we’ve had. Buck is ready for his forever home and we are so excited to help him find it! Give us a call today to get this amazing gelding home to you and your barn! Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
June 23, 2023


Description This nice 6 yr old good gelding stands out wherever he is for his looks and ability. He’s broke, he’s gentle, he stays broke and gentle. He stands 15 hands with a lot of color and look to him. He’s been used for all ranch work, he’s been used to sort cows, drag calves, rope steer and will do it all like a broke horse should. We’ve enjoyed every opportunity we’ve had to saddle this guy up and use in our program. He’s GENTLE too- He’s easy to ride, you don’t have to be a cowboy to ride Dillon. Saddle him up anywhere anytime and take him up the trail, to a clinic, ranch horse class or out on the ranch to do a job. Enjoy your day in the saddle wherever you might be or whatever you might be doing on Dillon, he makes it fun and enjoyable with his easy going personality. He’s got good feet, stout enough to pack anyone and good minded enough to put a younger person on his back and not worry. We’ve loved using and riding this gelding, he’s been nothing but consistent and the same horse every day. He’s great on the trails, watches what he’s doing, pays attention on what’s going on and will handle tight situations or new things without a problem. Dillon looks good in the arena too. He will pick up his leads with ease, good stop…
Richard Jacuzzi
June 16, 2022

TLJ WYO Fancy Cat aka “Pepsi”

Description Even if you're a Coke fan, Pepsi will win your heart! Montana bred, Arkansas raised, Pepsi has been an invaluable partner working cows, checking fences, and ranching. You won’t just love his unique dapples sooty buckskin color you will love everything about this handsome gelding. Pepsi has spent his life on a working ranch. He will be your “go to” mount if you need to get the job done. Whether it's going through creeks, over logs, through brush, Pepsi can handle it all. He works a rope great doctoring cattle and always solid at the other end. Lots of stamina and has a huge heart and a lot of try. Great for sorting and very cow smart. Pepsi knows his job and is happy doing it. He’s as honest as the day is long. Lots of direction and goes where you send him. Started on the head side, he is great to rope on in arena too. He will side pass to open and close gates, he's soft in the face, has a great turn around, and moves off leg pressure. Pepsi has the foundation and work ethic to transition into a fantastic show horse too. He could go right into trail or ranch competition and quickly be your next champion. Spending countless hours with two young girls, Pepsi is also perfect for any level of rider, young or old. He will take care of you. If you want a…
Richard Jacuzzi
April 27, 2022

Cocktails At Seven

Description You'll fall in love with our sweet boy, Seven! This stunning gelding will quickly steal your heart with his big personality, gentle disposition, fabulous talent, and of course he’s America’s favorite color, Buckskin! Seven is sired by Wimpyneedsacocktail highest earning stallion by NRHA’s #1 leading sire, NRHA Hall of Fame, earner of $185,757 NRHA, Open Futurity Champion, and offspring earnings of $12 million plus in all disciplines, WIMPYS LITTLE STEP. Seven himself has 55 AQHA ranch points, was the IQHA ranch Futurity high money earner as a 3 year old, and was the Reserve Champion in reining at the Buckskin World show.. He circles beautiful with amazing speed control, has effortless lead changes, pretty spins and a big, smooth stop. Seven is an elegant mover with great direction and guides easily. He is a proven winner in Ranch Riding classes and Ranch Versatility events. New places and faces do not bother him, he’s cool as a cucumber. Seven is safe, sane and gentle for any level of rider. He has beautiful conformation and is the perfect size for the whole family. If you can get on him, you will be able to ride him. He’s very forgiving and wants to please his rider. He’s dependable and honest in all situations. Seven loves to cruise down the trails and is confident alone or quiet in a group. You can lead or follow, it doesn’t make a difference to him. Seven…
Richard Jacuzzi
January 22, 2022

LL Leos Gold Doc aka “Leah”

Description Leah is a trail horse deluxe! She loves going on long leisurely rides and is the ultimate partner out on the trails. She's breezed right through our program with the tarps, flag's, balls and atvs. She's a gorgeous buckskin with a great Zann Parr Bar pedigree, the total package. She has a sweet disposition, loves attention and will meet you at the gate. Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
May 3, 2021

Hickorys Scotchwisky aka “Scotty”

Description Scotty is an absolute gem, loaded with heart and tons of experience. He's gentle for most anyone and perfect for friends and guests. He's been used extensively as a turn back horse and has years and years of time spent doctoring wheat cattle and branding calves. He has the kind of experience that only comes with years of riding and seeing things. He has breezed right through everything we've shown him, tarps, flags, atvs, water, not one thing has he taken a second look at. He has a beautiful buttermilk colored buckskin coat and great conformation. Other Horse You may Like
Richard Jacuzzi
May 6, 2021

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