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Sold To Louisiana!!!

2012, 14.3h, Grey  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Centennial is a young ranch horse that has a great foundation that rides beyond his years! He’s been used all over the ranch including working the herd, roping big cattle outside, dragging calves to the fire, and making drives through the rough country. He...

Sold To Louisiana!!!

2010, 14.2h, Sorrel  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Jack is a shapey gelding with loads of class. He has a top notch pedigree and is a grandson of Dual Pep. He has been used to sort and doctor cattle for the last few years and loved his job. He is great out on the trails and is a horse you can depend on....

Sold To Texas!!!

2013, 14.2h, Bay  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description This is a fancy, fancy, gelding! He's extremely gentle and a quick learner. He has a long gorgeous flowing mane and impeccable conformation. He's an own son of the great NRHA $2 million dollar sire Walla Walla Whiz and a great cow bred mare with Peponita...

Sold To Oregon!!!

2014, 14.3h, Buckskin  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $25,000

Description Cappy has one of the biggest personalities we ever had in a horse. He absolutely can’t get enough attention. This super talented three year old has a solid start in reining and is ready to go on and be finished and can go any direction. We bought him as a...

Sold To New Jersey!!!!

2006, 16h, Sorrel  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Zip looks like a real life work of art! His size and stature are perfectly proportioned and his impeccable conformation leaves everyone in awe when they see him. Pictures do not do this magnificent guy justice, he’s even more amazing in person! His gaits...

Sold To Maryland!!!

2004, 13.2h, Brown & White  POA  Gelding
Price: $10,000

Description Dragon is one AMAZING pony! He's been Anna's personal barrel and pole pony for the past two years. He's done all of the rodeo and playday events. He has the patience of Jobe, you will not find a better pony anywhere. Our nephew has also learned to ride on...

Sold To Arkansas!!!

2011, 15.1h, Red Roan  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Pep is an amazing gelding! You name it, he's done it, he can handle any job on the ranch, is a pro on the trails, and he's even been on the movie sets! Nothing phases this guy, tarps, flags, water, not even a drone buzzing around his head! He has an...

Sold To Texas!!!

2009, 12h, Sorrel  POA  Gelding
Price: $8,500

Description Scout is one special little guy! The kids love him, and he loves them! He rides around great, isn’t spooky at all. You can take him on the trails, to the rodeos, or just riding around the farm. He has smooth, steady gaits and is perfect for kids to learn...

Sold To California!!!

2007, 15.2h, Buckskin  Quarter Horse  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Buck is not only magnificent to look at, he’s a workhorse too! He’s been used on a ranch for working steer, dragging calves, and roping bulls. He has done some roping out of the box, both heading and heeling, but doesn’t quite have the speed to make a top...

Sold To California!!!

2005, 15h, Buckskin  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Cutter is a super broke, beautiful buckskin gelding with a great handle. He’s been used for all aspects of ranch work and is great out on the trails. Nothing at all seems to bother this guy, tarps, flags, atvs, dogs, nothing. He meets you at the gate and...

Sold To California!!!

2007, 16h, Palomino  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Looks, experience, disposition, Midas truly does have that “Midas Touch.” At 16 hands he’s a rare find and capable of handling any job you put in front of him. He has a super sweet disposition, meets you at the gate and loves attention. He’s gentle enough...

Sold To Illinois!!!

2009, 14h, Bay  Quarter Horse  Gelding
Price: $12,000

Description Stone is great out on the trails! He hasn’t been phased by anything we’ve shown him. Tarps, flags, dogs, atvs, he hasn’t taken a second look at anything and nothing seems to spook him. He gets along great out with other horses and comes right up in the...

Sold To Mississippi!!!

2011, 9h, Palomino & White Pinto  Pony  Gelding
Price: $5,000

Description Chiquita is a flashy little fella with a long, gorgeous mane! He’s a solid pony that has been taking care of kids in camps regularly. He’s been ridden around the barrels and poles and is willing to do whatever is asked of him. He’s quiet on the ground and...

Sold To West Virginia!!!

2010, 14.2h, Sorrel Tobiano  APHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Cat is a royally bred paint with High Brow Cat on the top and bottom and Delta Flyer on top too! He has the pedigree to be a top notch cutter, junior rodeo horse, or just take him with his ranch experience and use him on the trails or for taking care of...

Sold To Pennsylvania!!!

2011, 15.2h, Bay Roan  ARHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Jasper is a nice, big, shapey gelding that’s great on the trails! He has a sweet, friendly personality and is super quiet. He’s done great with tarps, flags, atv’s, and everything we’ve shown him. He has a solid one hand neck rein, and a nice smooth lope....

Sold To Washington!!!

2011, 15h, Black and White  APHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Zippo is a super fancy, pleasure horse deluxe! He has that rocking chair lope and you just never want to get off his back! He was raised and ridden on the the same farm his entire life. He is incredibly gentle with that amazing Zippo Pine Bar gentle...

Sold To Arizona!!!

2004, 15.1h, Red Roan  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Not only is Jack Frost beautiful and exceptionally well trained; his personality makes him one of the best family horses we’ve ever had on the ranch because he absolutely loves human interaction. Jack Frost is always the first to come to the fence to greet...

Sold To Colorado!!!

2006, 15h, Dark Bay  APHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Delta has one of the cutest personalities on the farm right now. He constantly want to lay his head on you when your around him, and loves to be groomed on! He has a top notch Doc Olena pedigree and takes to new things with ease. He neck reins one handed...

Sold To Florida!!!

2008, 10.2h, Chocolate Palomino  Pony  Gelding
Price: $5,000

Description Mocha is a precious pony with a gorgeous flaxen mane and tail! He’s the perfect size for small kids to learn about the responsibilities of owning a horse. Not only does he ride great, but he drives too. The kids will love his cute personality and the...

Sold To Montana!!!

2012, 14.2h, Palomino  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Peaches is an absolutely stunning golden palomino with a snow white mane and tail! He has the best disposition, meets you at the gate, and tries his hardest at anything you ask of him. He has a solid one hand neck rein and is quiet enough for any level...

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