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Little did we know three short years ago when we shot and produced a different type of sale video (you can watch and compare the videos in the links below) for one of our horses that it would lead to a whole new category of horse marketing and branding companies. At the time we had already been producing industry leading, quality videos accurately representing our horses for nearly 15 years. We were looking to up our game and give people something more. If I’m being honest we were probably also a little bored producing basically the same video for every horse because we do after all specialize in one particular type of horse.

Unintended Consequences!

When we finished, what we had created was something that hadn’t been done in the horse industry and was more of a short film rivaling the type of video you’d see on Netflix or the big screen. What we realized after we really sat back and watched it though is that it was the exact opposite of everything we want our videos to be and do. We aren’t trying to dazzle people with special affects and things like tons of slow motion, or blacked out backgrounds, or photoshopped pictures. We want our customers to see our horses for what they truly are and to know that when they step off the trailer at their new home that you immediately know that’s the exact horse from the video and it was accurately represented! Afterall, we are sending these horses with our guarantee and putting our reputation on the line. We saw that this type of video really was no different than what happens at the horse auctions. The short video clips have the same potential effect as the small auction rings where you can really hide the horses flaws and shortcomings. They shift the focus away from the flaws by doing things like teaching a horse to sit. Who really needs their horse to sit? Many sellers now are focusing on tricks like that on young horses and skipping the basic foundations of training.

What Buyers Need To Watch For

When you’re watching videos of prospective horses you want and need to see things like unedited clips showing all three gaits in both directions, more than a few seconds of the particular skill being demonstrated, clear pictures in natural lighting accurately depicting the true color and conformation of the horse, full speed video so you can assess the soundness and true movement of the horse. We are constantly refining and adding to our training tools and methods and we bring those things to life in our videos which as a result have constantly gotten longer and longer so we’ve added things like chapters that allow you to easily skip around and re-watch certain parts that are more relevant to your particular desires in a horse.

Our Commitment To Buyers

We’ve been reaching people all over the world for many years, who for whatever reason, can’t or just don’t come in person to our ranch. For all those amazing customers we take seriously the responsibility of representing our horses as accurately as possible. Because of this new generation of videos flooding the internet and really confusing buyers, we’ve recently added virtual showings where we can offer our customers the opportunity to see our horses live in real time with no editing. So, while even though we have the ability to produce the fancy edited videos, we chose not to because we want you to instead be able to focus on the horse and making sure it’s a match for you. With tools like our customer questionnaire and proprietary matching process, you can trust the process and know we’re going to match you up with the perfect partner!

By: Richard Jacuzzi

Wishin Cinematic Video

Wishin Regular Video

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