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Sold To New York!!!

2008, 15h, Sorrel  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $14,000

Description Hitch is one of the sweetest horses on the farm. He is an incredibly athletic who has an excellent pedigree with Peppy San Badger on the bottom and Dry Doc on the top. This beautiful gelding turns heads the moment he steps off the trailer due to his build,...

Sold To Florida!!!

2005, 15.1h, Buckskin  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Pep is one amazing and beautiful horse! He’s been shown in ranch riding and has the potential to make someone a really nice show horse. He has a quiet, sweet, personality and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He has that great Doc O’Lena breeding and...

Sold To Texas!!!

2011, 15.2h, Grey  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $19,000

Description Steele is drop dead gorgeous dappled gray with a black mane and tail. He has a wonderful pedigree, his grandsire on the top is the great NCHA horse Playgun, with a Colonel Freckles pedigree on the bottom. He’s a superb all around ranch gelding, works and...

Sold To California!!!

2012, 15h, Palomino  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Joe is a fancy NRHA North American Nominated gelding! He was started out in reining training and has a great handle he could easily be finished out as a reiner or could be taken straight into ranch riding. His laid back attitude makes him the ideal horse...

Sold To Colorado!!!

2008, 14.1h, Liver Chestnut  POA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Franklin is one of the neatest horses we’ve had lately. He the perfect size, small enough for the kids, and big enough for most adults. He rides both English and Western, has show experience in both, and has a very fancy presence about him and will put you...

Sold To New Mexico!!!

2011, 9.2h, Buckskin Tobiano  Pony  Gelding
Price: $6,500

Description Mickey is one of the sweetest ponies we’ve ever had! He will literally follow you anywhere you go, he LOVES attention! He is super gentle and is the perfect pony for kids to learn all about horses and good horsemanship skills while saying as safe as...

Sold To Indiana!!!

2008, 14.3h, Bay Tobiano  APHA  Gelding
Price: $20,000

Description Pepper is a beautiful Smart Little Lena, Freckles Playboy bred gelding! He can get any job done around the ranch and then hit the trails on the weekend. Not only is he great outside, but he has experience team sorting in the ring too. He’s a great...

Sold To Mississippi!!!

2004, 15h, Grey  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Twister is a fantastic all-around gelding! He’s great on the trails, and goes right through the water. He hasn’t taken a second look at anything we’ve shown him; tarps, flags, atv’s, balls, dogs, etc. He has a solid one hand neck rein, rides double,...

Sold To South Dakota!!!

2005, 13.2h, Chocolate Palomino  Haflinger  Gelding
Price: $12,000

Description Peyton reminds us of an infomercial… the one’s where you think it couldn’t get any better, but then it always does… this horse is amazing! Every single challenge we’ve put in front of him, he not only faces with absolute determination and confidence, but...

Sold To Illinois!!!

2009, 14.2h, Bay  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Colonel is a super sweet, beautiful, people loving gelding! He’s always the first one to meet you at the gate and has excellent ground manners. He been used in all aspects of ranch work, gathering and moving cows, checking fences, you can even work cows...

Sold To Florida!!!

2011, 15h, Sorrel and White  APHA  Mare
Price: $12,000

Description Amiga is a gorgeous mare that is the total package! She has been used extensively on the ranch sorting cattle and dragging calves to the fire. She’s a pro on the trails and has been on the 90 mile Maah Daah Hey trail ride. She also has a world class...

Sold To California!!!

2009, 15.1h, Buckskin  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description Leo as an absolutely stunning buckskin gelding! He has a thick luscious mane and tail coupled with a wonderful loving personality. He’s one of those horses you can just tell loves attention and people. He has a very kind eye and willing attitude. Leo has...

Sold To Texas!!!

2010, 14.3h, Bay  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $15,000

Description You’ll fall in love with Doc from the moment you meet him! He is such a special horse, and has had reined cow horse training. His grandsire is the great Holiday. Doc is athletic and versatile, he’s been used to gather and rope cattle and drag calves to the...

Sold To Texas!!!

2008, 13.1h, Black and White  Pony  Gelding
Price: $7,500

Description Rocky is the ultimate all-around pony! You can use him to sort and gather cattle, he’s great on the trails, you can even haul him to playdays. He has a really smooth lope that makes even the most timid riders feel comfortable. But the best thing about him...

Sold To Indiana!!!

2008, 15h, Bay  ApHC  Gelding
Price: $10,000

Description You won’t find a more beautiful and unique horse than Thunder! With a World Champion pedigree, he would make a great western pleasure horse, and he could also go HUS. He’s been on long trail rides at Eminence and is also great around cattle. He takes both...

Sold To Illinois!!!

2003, 13.2h, Buckskin  Pony  Mare
Price: $8,500

Description Jill is the perfect all-around, all-american pony! She’s done it all, and is a great junior rodeo or playday pony. She’ll slow down and take care of the smaller kids, but will step it up for the older kids. She has a great disposition and no “mareish”...

Sold To Texas!!!

2010, 9.2h, Sorrel and White  Pony  Mare
Price: $5,000

Description Daisy is a PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS pony!! She absolutely LOVES attention, and is happiest when she’s with people. She rides great, and you can trust her with beginners. She’s great with other horses and not spooky of anything. She is PERFECT for small kids to...

Sold To Hawaii!!!

2006, 14.2h, Black and White  APHA  Gelding
Price: $12,000

Description Caddo is a wonderful all around gelding that’s perfect for the whole family! He’s got a great one handed neck rein, and is experienced on the trails, as well as being used on the ranch. He’s a flashy, dependable guy that you can trust with kids and...

Sold To Georgia!!!

2006, 15.2h, Sorrel  AQHA  Gelding
Price: $12,000

Description Chili is a super quiet gelding that has been used for all aspects of ranch work. He has been used for fire branding, sorting, gathering, and also taken to playdays and shown in 4-H. He was used to halter break colts and pony off of, as well as roping both...

Sold To Texas!!!

2006, 14.3h, Sorrel and White  APHA  Mare
Price: $12,000

Description Doll is a finished cutter, she’s very cowy, has an excellent lead change and a big stop. She’s not marish and has great ground and stall manners. She’s ready to show in the Open or Non-Pro shows today. She really turns and pivots off her hocks and looks...

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