"I just wanted to say thank you for Gianna!! She is all I could ask for! She has an amazing personality, temperment, and to top it all off she is very athletic!! I'm so glad I got her!! She is truly a once in a lifetime horse and I am so thankful that you helped match me up with her!" ~S. Rush, North Carolina
"Billy and Dee Dee are everything we had hoped for in horses. You did a fantastic job with training them and we are so happy to find that they are everything you said they would be." ~The Thomson's, New Jersey
"Alisha. Just wanted to drop you a note to say how thrilled, happy, excited and thankful we are for Logan. He is truly the perfect trail horse. I kept thinking that he had to be drugged to be this quiet. He was vetted and came thru with flying colors." ~M. Fink, Virginia
"Buying a horse off of the internet is something I've never done before, and I'm sure, can be a risky proposition. I'm pleased to say that buying Scotch from you has been a good experience, and I look forward to many happy years with him." ~The Brice Family, California
"I have been around horses all of my life and have found Radar to be a well trained, settled and easy to handle horse. He is exactly what I was looking for." ~The Riggan's, North Carolina
"I never thought I'd be able to trust a horse again! That was until you and Kingston came along!!! Your videos were completely accurate! If there is such a thing as a bomb-proof horse - Kingston is it!" ~N. Cougentakas, New York

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alisha-home-page-imageHey There!

Thank you so much for visiting our website, Diamond J is a small family owned and operated horse business with an immense passion for pairing amazing families with the horse or pony of their dreams. We have a program geared towards turning out great natured, “Bombproofed” horses and ponies.  Because every horse has such a unique personality just like families and riders have unique personalities, I really prefer and enjoy talking to our customers personally to help work through the process. Our goal is to ensure the perfect match every time; therefore, we offer a 30-Day Guarantee to all of our customers AND shipping costs are included with the purchase of every horse or pony. Please call me and start the process!!

We encourage you to learn about our family, view the horses and ponies for sale and discover the unique philosophy that has allowed us to be  the nation’s premier source for beginner safe horses and ponies. We have sold horses and ponies all across North America and beyond. We invite you to read the testimonials and updated photos sent to us by the many families who we’ve had the privilege to help find the horse of their dreams. I look forward to visiting with you!

~Alisha J. (501) 240-4889

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Throughout the years we have had an opportunity to pair so many amazing horses with the perfect families. When you visit our Sold Horses (and ponies) page, you will see the consistency in the types of horses we offer for sale. Temperament and excellence of character is our first priority when choosing the perfect match. Every horse we promote as a “Beginner Horse” is always trusted first with our own young children. Our training program is a rigorous test of the horse’s true character. We expose our sale horses and ponies to nearly every obstacle you may encounter on the trail, on a ranch or in a hectic environment such as a rodeo or horse show. When your new horse arrives, they will be accustomed to dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, golf carts, dogs, chickens, llamas, tarps, bridges, water and more. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our proven training and desensitizing program and when you see the many exceptional horses that are now in new forever homes, you will see a true testament to the caliber of our horses – past and present.

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"We recently purchased 3 (very different and equally amazing) horses from Alisha- one for myself, one for my 4 year old daughter and a mini pony for my 2 year old to familiarize her with horses. I spent an immense amount of time researching horses when we purchased our farm. While it seems crazy to purchase a horse sight unseen, because of the great marketing Alisha had done and the extensive videos she supplied for each horse, we decided to use her for this purchase as she promised we would be getting bullet proof horses. She spent a great deal of time listening to my requests for each of us and truly delivered what she promised. We are all absolutely in love with our horses and would highly recommend her to find a wide range of performance horses with the very best temperaments. The horse I purchased is one of the more expensive horses she sells and Frosty is truly a beautiful, sweet natured gem with great athletic ability and a fantastic jumper! I am very thankful to have found Alisha and would recommend her to anyone looking for a horse you can trust."

~C. West, California

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